Article I. Purpose
To invest the assets of the Partnership in eggs, green chile, and tortillas for the nutritional benefit of the Partners. Partners enjoy breakfast burritos once a week.
Article II. Meetings
Meetings will be held as deemed necessary by the Generalissimo.
Time of meeting shall be at the Generalissimo’s convenience.
Article III. Partner Positions and Duties
Partners shall be elected by a majority vote of the Partners:
Generalissimo: Runs this sh*t, Brings burritos
Burrito Club Member: Brings burritos
Article IV. Removal of an Partner
If a Partner does not fulfill the duty of bringing burritos for the entire club on their designated week, that Partner will be granted an audience with the Generalissimo.
Removal will occur if so deemed by the Generalissimo.
Article V. Guests
Partners may invite guests to any meeting they are bringing burritos for the club. Club members must have been a guest to be considered for admission into the club.
Article VI. Contributions
Partners will bring breakfast burritos for every member of burrito club on their designated week.
Article VII. New Partners
New Partners will be considered if brought as a guest.